Our top tips on clearing out your garage

lots of household junk in garage

Most of us tend to use our garages as an easy to use storage container and hardly use them to store our cars at night. Once a year comes the task of emptying the garage and throwing away items that we have not used and will probably never use. We know from our experience and services that people dread the task of clearing out their garages as it is a boring task and can usually take the whole weekend up.

Information with Tints and Hints

Below we have created a list that we base our garage clearance service on to give you some handy hints and tips on how to clear it out in a more efficient and successful way.

Check your schedule

You should plan when you are going to clear out the garage as you can allocate that time without interruptions. You know that once you have an interruption, you are more than likely to shove everything back into the garage for another 6 months. You can also pre plan a garage sale the following day when you have everything ready for a quick sale.

Get some help

Get family members or friends involved. It will be a great time to catch up whilst reducing the time frame by you all pitching in.

Get organized

You need to sort space out near you like the garden. Lay three blankets down or three bins/ storage tubs ready to fill. Name them throw, keep and sell: then you are sorting and organizing all the items as you clear the garage instead of doing it at the end, leaving you with extra work and more time.

Use your System

Throw away all obvious items and rubbish you come across. As you go through all the items in the garage, you need to be honest and get rid of anything you haven’t used in a year as you know you won’t be using it anytime soon. Be motivated on selling these items or even donating them which will be useful for someone else as this will make it easier to part with.

Take short breaks

Make sure that you take organized and structured breaks. This means go and make yourself a cuppa and have a stretch but do not sit down. We say not to sit down as you will be more likely to put the tv on and will un-motivate yourself to get up again.

Keep the garage clear

You must keep taking items out to the storage bins and removing tools etc out of the garage. If you keep them in there you will find them starting to get in the way and seeing what you have cleared will keep you organized and on track.

Keep safe

Even though it is your own garage, remember to protect yourself. You haven’t cleared it for a while so animals/insects may have set up home. If you live in a hot topic part of the world, you may have poisonous spiders and snakes to deal with. Wear gloves when handling paints and other corrosive materials; being stored in a hot garage for a length of time can be dangerous to bare hands.

Bulky Items?

If you have any bulky items, or just need a helping hand then our team can help you, we have cleared out hundreds of garages, quickly and very affordably. Let us take the hassle away, and provide you with a full or partial garage clearance service.